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4 in. x 4 in. Flexbile PVC Radon Fernco Coupling (Black)





Made in the U.S.A., Fernco couplings/couplers have earned a reputation in the industry for continued superior reliability, giving you full reassurance in their performance and quality. 


The stainless steel straps are rustproof and provide the couplings with a tight, leak-proof seal on virtually any pipe material such as plastic, cast iron, clay, concrete, steel, copper, etc. The unique formula is resistant to chemicals, UV rays, fungal growth and normal sewer gases. The Fernco life expectancy will stand the test of time.



Tech Specs:


·         - Installation torque: 60 inch lbs.

·         - 5/16" nut with slot

·         - Maximum test pressure: 4.3 PSI (29.6KPA)

·         - Maximum operating temperature: 140ºF

·         - Minimum operating temperature: – 30°F